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Student Resources

Listed below, you will find links to some movie-making tools to help you with your video. For topic ideas, please visit the "Prompts" section.

Don't forget to cite your sources! 

And visit Creative Commons for images that are in the public domain, and music-for-video for music that is license-free. 

Don't use copyrighted material in your film. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.



Making a quality movie is a challenging task. It takes time, dedication, perseverence, compromise, and creativity.

But when you end up with a product you're proud of....there's nothing quite like that feeling.



 Animoto - Turn your photos and videos into a compact film with templates, music, and design elements.

    Celtix - The all-in-one system for video and movie planning. Work together to write the script, prepare the shoot, and take your cast and crew into production.


 DIY - Join this community of young "Makers" to see what kinds of projects others are making; share your own and gain skills, earn badges, receive feedback, and get inspired! Great for digital media, as well as many other topics.

 Film Riot host Ryan Connelly tackles issues like switching between Macs and PCs, the best filmmaking apps, and how to handle difficult actors in this Revision Film web series.

 Freeplay Music - Access to more royalty-free music.

 FreeSound - Acess to royalty-free music that you can use in your videos.

 Lights Film School Blog - Light's Film School is home to online filmmaking courses. Check out their blog for free tutorials and videos!

 Pixton - The best comic creation tool on the internet.

 Mozilla's Popcorn Maker - With nothing but a web browser, you can enhance, remix, edit, create and share projects that combine video, audio, stills, maps and more from anywhere on the internet.

 ShotClip - A free online video planning and editing tool. With the option of pre-designed themes or blank stories, you can plan out what you want your video to be about and then edit it when you've completed shooting.

Shot Types - A pdf with names, definitions, and examples of all the different types of camera shots.

Storyboard Template - A pdf with a blank storyboard; print out as many as you need to prepare your video.

Tribeca Film Institute Prezi - A Prezi with a ton of examples of what you can do to make your movie great!

 Videopia - This site has a ton of videos and tutorials on how to make your videos look professional. Framing and Composing in a Minute is one of their videos.

 Vimeo Video School - Learn the basics of video shooting and editing, more advanced ways to use your dslr camera, and more.

 WeVideo - An online program that lets you edit video for free.

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