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About Us

The Steeltown Entertainment Project connects entertainment professionals, with Southwestern Pennsylvania (SWPA) ties, to projects, people and partnerships in Western Pennsylvania order to help develop a film and digital media sector in the Pittsburgh region. It produced "The Shot Felt Round The World" with WQED Multimedia Pittsburgh and is partnering with many organizations for "Take A Shot at Changing The World." Steeltown achieves its goals through a variety of programs, including:

  •  Youth & Media with the Lighthouse Afterschool Program at Westinghouse High School, which teaches documentary filmmaking skills and inspires a new generation to realize the importance of storytelling, and to pursue careers in the media arts. See the Partners page and go to to find out more about the Steeltown Entertainment Project. Call Rachel Shepherd at 412-251-0890 or email for more information on Steeltown's programs.
  • Steeltown Film Factory, an annual screenwriting and filmmaking competition that brings back top entertainment professionals to mentor and foster local talent over the course of several months. One winner is awarded $30,000 to make his or her film in Pittsburgh, using local resources. All finalists leave with the know-how, connections, and ability to make their films.

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