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Take a Shot Winners Announced


On Sunday, June 1st, the winners of the 2014 Take a Shot at Changing the World contest were announced during a film festival at the AMC Loews Waterfront Theatre. All entrants and guests were invited to view a reel including all the entries on the big screen and enjoy a catered reception afterwards. The winners were announced live and each group received a big check! Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's contest and those who came out to the event.

The winning videos were: 

Middle School

Judge's Vote - 1st Place ($3,000) AND Popular Vote ($1,000): A Place Where Everyone Belongs by Katie from Avonworth Middle School

Judge's Vote - 2nd Place ($2,000): Using the Example of Desmond Tutu to Stop Bullying by Hannah & Maggie from CAPA


High School

Judge's Vote - 1st Place ($3,000): If Only We Had Known by Heaven, Alexander, Dominic, Bavi, Kayla, Aurora, Victoria, Richelle, Justine, Garrett, Ashely, Jacquez, Robbie, Steven, & Mack from Gateway High School

Judge's Vote - 2nd Place ($2,000): Hunger: The Hidden Crisis by Raiona, Raenkia, Nara, & Cynthiya from Allderdice High School

Popular Vote ($1,000): Project Migration: Search of a Happiness by Diwas, Hema, Dipesh, & Bhim from Baldwin High School

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